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Supporting activities for doctorates in the field of energy

„Lecture Series on Energy Technology“

This course is intended as a supplementary offer for doctoral candidates in energy technologies in order to inform about future energy systems in general, including primarily technologies outside the particular topic of the different doctorates. Principal investigators of different KIT departments will introduce into several major research topics of the KIT Energy Center, thereby providing an overview of the complex energy research field of KIT. The subjects of this course range from nuclear fusion and fission, renewable energies, energy efficiency, fuels and energy storage as well as electric power grids to the economics of energy markets. The learning goal is to discover and understand each own´s particular doctorate thesis as a component within a greater complex system.

The course does not require a deep knowledge of these research topics. It is open also to master students, but credit points cannot be granted for any module or program.

Time: April, 18th, 2018 – 18th, July 2018 every Wednesday 17:30-19:00 pm

Location:  CS, Bldg. 20.40, Neuer Hörsaal Architektur


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